Who We Are

Rosemary Hood BVMS (Hons) BSc, BAppSc (Physio), NAET, Reiki Master/Teacher, Small Animal Bowen Therapist

Rosemary started her career as a physiotherapist, worked for three years and then entered veterinary school graduating in 1984. She originally worked in mixed practice and then with goats and small animals.

Since 1993 she has pursued an interest in complementary therapies and how they can be integrated into a veterinary approach. This interest led her to research Reiki, flower essences, kinesiology, Bowen therapy, cranial sacral therapy and many others, learning those that have been beneficial to her family or the animals she has worked with.

Rosemary has had a long history of integrated veterinary medicine (holistic veterinary medicine). In the last few years she has developed an interest in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) including Chinese herbs, food as medicine, acupuncture and tui-na (massage). TCVM now constitutes 90% of the practice. This has greatly expanded the scope of her holistic veterinary practice and changed her life, and the lives of those she treats, for the better.  

Rosemary's belief is that animals benefit most from a combination of Western veterinary medicine, TCVM and appropriate use of complementary therapies, and continues to practise for this outcome.